Non-Insulated Blade Type Terminal


Upgrade your solar system with our high-quality Non-Insulated Blade Type Terminals. Engineered for reliability and performance, these terminals ensure seamless connections for your solar components. Explore our online shop now for top-notch solar accessories!

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Enhance your solar system’s connectivity with our Non-Insulated Blade Type Terminal. Crafted with precision engineering, this terminal ensures reliable performance and seamless integration within your setup. Engineered to withstand environmental challenges, it facilitates efficient energy transmission.

Designed for ease of use, this terminal simplifies installation for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Compatible with a variety of solar components, it offers versatility and flexibility in system configuration.

Constructed for durability, this terminal provides long-lasting reliability in any solar application. With its sleek design and robust construction, it’s the ideal choice for optimizing your solar panel array.

Shop now on our online platform and elevate your solar system’s performance with our Non-Insulated Blade Type Terminal

Upgrade your solar setup with our durable Non-Insulated Blade Type Terminal, designed for seamless integration and efficient energy transmission. Shop now for premium solar accessories!

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A flat blade terminal, non-insulated, is a type of single-wire connection using a flat conductive blade that is inserted into a blade receptacle. These terminals are designed to match interconnect requirements for components such as timers, motors, valves, relays, mechanical switches, and wire-to-wire harnesses.

This product adopts a duckbill-shaped design, and the surface is tin-plated for good energization performance, suitable for wires in distribution box installations connection of power cables and electrical equipment.

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